Beverage Preparation

A good cup of tea or coffee makes your morning a Good Morning! With a wide range of Beverage Preparation products at "kitchen.and.beyond", start your day with confidence by sipping your favorite cup of tea/coffee. The range now offers an exhaustive line-up of coffee makers and kettles, that are available in compact design, trendy style with different capacities and are a great value for money for an apartment, villa or around the office placements.
For the coffee lovers, one can program for rich, fresh-brewed coffee anytime and personalize your brew with the available coffee makers and espresso machines at "kitchen.and.beyond". The brew strength control feature allows making smaller brew without giving up any of the flavor of filling the entire carafe and when you are ready for the second cup, with <keep warm> feature you can almost have hot coffee anytime without a hassle. That’s not all, you can also enjoy full, rich coffee taste brewed from freshly ground beans through a coffee grinder that provides a uniform grind and aroma extraction from coffee beans. Not to forget, with an attractive and easy to use stainless steel electric kettle you can boil water in minutes and, it’s great for preparing specialty teas and beverages. Features like <Auto-Shut-Off> give you peace of mind when multi-tasking, boil dry protection keeps your kettle from operating without water and 360˚ cordless swivel base offers convenience to lift kettle off the base from any angle for an easy cord-free filling and pouring.
Now you can surely wake up to the aroma of your favorite beverage and take control of your morning!