Braun is a leading manufacturer of household appliances and pioneers in industrial design. The company stands for high quality, smart design and innovation with an impressive legacy in German engineering. Braun’s inventions have revolutionized the world of household appliances, providing the smartest technologies and designs to tackle those everyday hassles.

The term “Braun Design” refers to a particular approach to creating products. A typical feature is the combination of technical innovation, a new aesthetic, and a degree of user-friendliness that has been thought through down to the smallest detail.

Braun products therefore consciously eschew short-term design effects and everything that is trendy, spectacular, loud, or obtrusive. The result is products that possess an iconic clarity and visual longevity – “Less, but better,” so that the focus is on the essential aspects. A common design foundation connects all Braun products into one distinctive product line, no matter how different the functions of the appliances may be.

Is the Braun product efficient, safe, robust, and durable? Every device is checked for its performance, operational capability at different temperatures, water tightness, and resistance to chemicals – to name just a few examples. In order to meet the highest of demands, a Braun product may have to pass more than 60 quality management tests during the development stage.

So rest assure and grab a product for yourself to get inspired by the world of Braun!