Blenders (Soft-fruit)(Stand-Alone)

A counter-top blender is an electrical kitchen appliance used to mix, purée, or emulsify soft fruits, liquids and soft foods together.

Low-powered blenders require the addition of some liquid to operate correctly. In these blenders, the liquid helps move the solids around the jar, bringing them in contact with the blades. The blades create a whirlpool effect which moves solids from top to bottom, ensuring even contact with the blade. This creates a homogeneous mixture. However, Glass jar blenders are heavier and more stable. Glass jar high-powered blenders are capable of milling grains and crushing ice without such assistance. Plastic jars are prone to scratching and absorbing the smell of the blended food.

Counter-top blenders typically offer 3–16 speed settings, but having more choices in speed settings is not an indication of increased utility for all users.