Climate Control

Human comfort has various faces - ambient temperature being one of them. Enjoy a year-round comfortable home climate with a variety of climate control appliances available at "kitchen.and.beyond".
Whatever the season, temperature changes go with the season and hence, "kitchen.and.beyond" range comprising of fans, heaters, air-conditioners, air-humidifiers and air-dehumidifiers offer you an ideal solution for seasonal conditioning needs. The range is available in different shapes and designs to compliment your room interiors/decor. while providing you with a safe and economical way to stay comfortable. Whether it's a specific area or for an entire room, these durable appliances cool and circulate air in the summers, and radiate heat during cold winters offering immediate, uninterrupted comfort at your finger tips to make your environment cozy.
Another facet of maintaining temperature at home is controlling room humidity level. "kitchen.and.beyond" offers portable, low maintenance, cool mist type of humidifiers that yield impressive amount of vapors maintaining proper moisture levels in smaller rooms, helping and promoting your family's overall well-being. However, excess humidity, or Humidity above 50% can not only be a source of discomfort but can cause the growth of mildew, dust mites, and mould. Dehumidifiers at "kitchen.and.beyond" work by removing humidity from the air, making your home more comfortable especially during those hot summer months. A dehumidifier is therefore an excellent investment if you live in a poorly ventilated building or if you have any kind of respiratory-related health problems.
At "kitchen.and.beyond", there is always a fit for every consumer need!