Garment Care

The iron range at "kitchen.and.beyond" caters to every need, whether it be quick and easy ironing or batch ironing. From a classic design iron known for simplicity to a sleek, stylish and full featured steam iron that makes your time at ironing board efficient, we have an iron for every kind of user. In addition, an <auto shut-off> feature provides added security and peace of mind, and the vertical steam option sets you address wrinkles without an ironing board.
While easy maneuverability is the main advantage of a steam iron, at many homes and garment-selling retails, a garment steamer is replacing common steam iron as a faster, acceptable clothes pressing alternative for delicate garments like silk, lace, satin, and even polyester. A garment steamer can press garments, freshen clothes and allow users to steam out curtains and drapes without having to take them down. Thus, combining features with performance, the range at “kitchen.and.beyond” reduces the stress of even the most difficult of ironing chores!