HM5000 - Air Humidifier (Room) (5L)

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Why a Humidifier?

We all know how important humidity can be to your skin, hair, and overall health, but did you also know that it’s vital to the health of your home?

Humidity that’s too low or high can cause problems. If the humidity levels are too low, then you get dry and itchy skin. the wood and paint in your house develop cracks and start flaking and there is a risk of you catching a cold or an infection.

Easy to Use

The HM5000 Is easy to use with the integrated features. The water level window lets you monitor the water level with ease. The 'No Water' indicator ensures that the unit does not function without water thereby ensuring safety and protection.

Cool Mist

The HM5000 can cover rooms up to 40 sqm. The HM5000 can deliver high mist output with the high performance ultrasonic system. The mist flow can be controlled with the adjustable knob.

4 Tier Filtration

The inbuilt 4 tier filtration system in the HM5000 humidifier ensures clean mist. In addition, the filter also ensures that dust and other foreign substances do not enter into the humidifier causing a blockage or a malfunction.

Aroma Tray

The HM5000 Humidifier can also help create a fragrant atmosphere at home. The in-built aroma tray at the back of the humidifier can be easily detached to add essential aromatic oils to create a relaxing and soothing environment.

  • 25W Power optimum for covering room area of 40m2
  • Cylindrical shape with decorative nozzle area for sleek & stylish design
  • 5L tank capacity for continuous mist output of up to 25 hours
  • Aroma tray to add essential oils for pleasant ambience
  • High-performance ultrasonic system for high mist output