IM3166 - Iron (Steam)

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Easy, convenient and safe ironing! Anti-drip to avoid water marks on the laundry. The Maestro, your ally when it comes to ironing!

The IM3166E0 Maestro iron will make ironing easier with its power of 2200 Watts, its adjustable steam output from 0 to 30 g / min and its pressing function of 100 g / min, and will fight against limescale.

Ironing performance :
The power of 2200 Watts, the adjustable steam flow from 0 to 30 g / min and the pressing function of 100 g / min offer you fast and efficient ironing.
The  pressing function is characterized by a strong, punctual jet of steam to eliminate creases or to iron thick fabrics. 
With   vertical steaming , you can iron your curtains or clothes on a hanger. 

Anti-limescale control:  
The removable anti-lime rod prevents lime deposits and prevents the duct leading to the vaporization chamber from clogging. 
Its integrated anti-limescale system allows lasting steam performance over time.
Self-cleaning, for its part, performs a thermal shock to loosen the limestone particles and evacuate them through the holes in the sole.

Convenient and easy to use :
It is also equipped with an anti-drip system to prevent water marks on the laundry. 
A comfort handle will make ironing more pleasant.

Laundry care features
  • Self cleaning
  • Pressing function
  • Anti-limescale system
  • Anti-drip system
  • No
Steam flow (per minute)
  • 30 g / min
Pressing / boost function
  • 100 g / min
  • 2200 W
Tank capacity
  • 0.3 l
Anti-limescale system
  • Integrated
Type of steamer
  • Vertical
Sole technology
  • Self-cleaning sole; PTFE
Additional features
  • Comfort handle
Temperature (° C)
  • Manual adjustment
Cord length
  • 2.5 cm
  • 1.3 kg